Kunshan Market Supervision Bureau License Plate Identification Case List

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Kunshan Zhoushi Zhengchun license plate recognition one-in-one-out management system customer case! !! !! System requirements: Vehicles in and out of the venue can be arbitrarily entered and temporary vehicles are prohibited from entering the venue. System configuration: Little Apple Edition HD license plate recognition management system, 2 million pixels. Three-line voice display screen. Barrier blocking device configuration: 6S motor straight pole barrier, benchmarking 6m telescopic pole. Suzhou Xunjitong Information Engineering Co., Ltd. professional installation! !! !!

丨停车场系统 丨广告道闸等,价格合理欢迎咨询! Suzhou Xunjitong Information Engineering Co., Ltd. Main: license plate recognition 丨 road gate 丨 face recognition 丨 parking lot system 丨 advertising road gate, etc., the price is reasonable, welcome to consult! 苏 ICP 备 15063441 号 -2

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