——2007年注册于苏州昆山陆家镇,目前为广东深圳公司安快品牌苏州地区总代理。 Suzhou Xunjitong Information Engineering Co., Ltd. -Registered in Lujia Town, Kunshan, Suzhou in 2007, it is currently the general agent of the Ankuai brand in Suzhou, Guangdong Shenzhen. We continuously integrate intelligent high-tech products into all areas of modern life, so as to achieve the purpose of advanced management, convenient, fast, safe and reliable.

Our company focuses on intelligent parking lot management system, license plate recognition system, access gate system, face recognition system, site access control, enterprise card system and so on. It is a high-quality supplier that provides overall solutions.

Through several years of continuous development and the efforts of all members of the company, the company's products have penetrated into enterprises, schools, institutions, factories, communities and so on. With excellent product performance and perfect service guarantee, the company is gradually becoming an enterprise of electronic products and software such as security products and weak current engineering in Kunshan, Suzhou.

: 安防产品、弱电工程、电子产品及软件开发、五金制品、办公用品、检测设备、仪器仪表、机电工程、办公用品等。 Operating items : security products, weak current engineering, electronic products and software development, hardware products, office supplies, testing equipment, instruments, mechanical and electrical engineering, office supplies, etc.

Company purpose: take customer satisfaction as the goal; take product quality as the guarantee;

Based on professional technology; backed by quality services;

Integrity management, people-oriented, treat every user with heart!

Our company is based in Suzhou and serves the customers in Kunshan, Changshu, Taicang and other regions. We will provide you with intelligent high-tech products and high-quality services at a fair price and a sound business philosophy. Look forward to working with you!

Suzhou Xunjitong Information Engineering Co., Ltd.

丨停车场系统 丨广告道闸等,价格合理欢迎咨询! Suzhou Xunjitong Information Engineering Co., Ltd. Main: license plate recognition 丨 road gate 丨 face recognition 丨 parking lot system 丨 advertising road gate, etc., the price is reasonable, welcome to consult! 苏 ICP 备 15063441 号 -2

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