Suzhou Xunjitong Information Engineering Co., Ltd.

With excellent product performance and perfect service guarantee, the products have been widely used in factories, schools, shopping malls, troops, scenic spots, smart communities, stations and tourist attractions, etc.
The company operates with integrity and people-oriented. Based in Suzhou, we serve customers in Kunshan, Changshu, Taicang and other regions. We will provide you with intelligent high-tech products at a fair price and perfect service. Looking forward to your visit!

丨停车场系统 丨广告道闸等,价格合理欢迎咨询! Suzhou Xunjitong Information Engineering Co., Ltd. Main: license plate recognition 丨 road gate 丨 face recognition 丨 parking lot system 丨 advertising road gate, etc., the price is reasonable, welcome to consult! 苏 ICP 备 15063441 号 -2

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