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Service Introduction

The company's automatic license plate recognition machine is leading in the industry and has various forms: pure license plate recognition, integrated motorcycle license plate recognition, and road barrier integrated recognition. The system recognition accuracy rate is more than 99%, and the response speed is fast, ensuring that vehicles enter and exit quickly and conveniently.

Service Process

Aisle gate system: road gate, wing gate, swing gate, three roller gate, turn gate, rail gate, one gate, advertising gate, etc. All gates can be customized according to customer site requirements. Can access and exit card swipe system, face recognition system.

丨停车场系统 丨广告道闸等,价格合理欢迎咨询! Suzhou Xunjitong Information Engineering Co., Ltd. Main: license plate recognition 丨 road gate 丨 face recognition 丨 parking lot system 丨 advertising road gate, etc., the price is reasonable, welcome to consult! 苏 ICP 备 15063441 号 -2

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