Electro-hydraulic lifting column

  • Unit: Set
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong
  • Brand: Ankuai
  • Minimum (large) order: 1
  • Packaging instructions: genuine packaging


Advantages and classification of Ankuai lifting columns :
Hydraulic lifting column adopts advanced production technology, which has good working effect, convenient construction, good stability, long service life, and is welcomed by users. Because there are many fake and shoddy products on the market, when you choose, you must polish your eyes and choose a good quality lifting column .

1. The lifting column is equipped with a motor and a hydraulic pump. It is powered by 220V voltage. Its deep buried device has no effect on the ground, has a waterproof function, and has a very high power.

2. There are embedded parts on the periphery of the lifting column , small holes are punched on the bottom, and drainage is very convenient. During the construction, after the trench is excavated and waterproofed, the embedded parts can be placed.

3. Good stability and long service life. Hydraulic lifting piles can be used for ten years, which is incomparable with electric lifting columns and pneumatic lifting columns.

4. The use of steel rails is helpful for maintaining a strong impact ability, and it can also increase its own weight and allow the embedded parts to be buried in the ground firmly.

5. The lifting column is made of stainless steel and coupled with a reinforced hydraulic system, which makes the whole machine reach a weight of 260 kg. Even if a collision occurs, it will not cause damage, and customer satisfaction is very high.

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