Dynamic face recognition access control

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Model: XJT
  • Brand: XJT
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The face recognition access control system combines non-perceived access and access control management into one. It can be widely used in buildings, parks, communities, construction sites, government enterprises, institutions and other scenarios that require higher access management and security; The face recognition system can effectively identify functions such as non-sense traffic, hierarchical management of security personnel, and control of access personnel.


Dynamic face recognition access control system:

The dynamic face recognition access control system can accurately, quickly and effectively perform face recognition, and truly realize non-sense traffic. In other words, in the entrance and exit area, we don't need to stay intentionally and don't need extra movements, we can enter and exit the gate at will, and enjoy as if we were in an unmanned state.



   准确率全天候平均能达到 99% 以上 1. Accuracy rate can reach more than 99% on all days

   采用全局人脸特征检索,对人脸全局特征进行建模分析,而不局限于人眼局部特征 2. Use global face feature retrieval to model and analyze global face features, not limited to local eye features

   不但能识别戴口罩、戴帽子、戴眼镜等常规装饰,还能够识别假胡须、假发、大墨镜等各种伪装 3. Not only can recognize conventional decorations such as wearing masks, hats, and glasses, but also various fakes such as fake beards, wigs, and large sunglasses

   能够在人海中迅速检索出人脸并抓拍,即便是行人故意躲避,左右旋转 30 度,俯仰 15 度依然能够准确识别,大幅度提升了人脸识别的实用性 4. Able to quickly retrieve and capture faces in the sea of people, even if pedestrians deliberately avoid, rotate 30 degrees left and right , and 15 degrees pitch can still accurately identify, greatly improving the practicality of face recognition

   识别迅速, 0.5 秒动态识别 5. Quick recognition, 0.5 second dynamic recognition

   可用于户外,防水防光 6. Can be used outdoors, waterproof and light proof

   、识别距离远, 0.5-5 米大范围 7. Long recognition distance, large range of 0.5-5 meters

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