Face recognition gate

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Specifications: 5-inch, 170 ° IPS LCD screen
  • Model: CY-RL03
  • made in China
  • Brand: XJT
  • Minimum (large) order: 1
  • Packaging instructions: genuine packaging

Face recognition gate

型号 CY-RL03 Order model : CY-RL03


Application scenario

It is suitable for offices, hotels, access gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, public services and management projects that require face access control.

Product Features

支持光敏传感协同的夜间补光; Support night light supplemented by light-sensitive sensors;

支持串口、韦根 26 34 输出,输出内容支持配置; Support serial port, Wiegand 26 , 34 output, output content support configuration;

采用基于视频流的动态人脸检测、跟踪识别算法; · Adopt dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithm based on video stream;

支持设备本地存储万人库,( a )云平台设备 支持 同时 储存 5 万张人脸照片 (小于 400KB 100 万条识别记录 0.45KB )、 2 万张现场抓拍照片( b )局域网设备支持同时存储 2 万张人脸照片(照片按 100KB 计算)、 1万条识别记录(含现场抓拍照片); · Supports local storage of 10,000 people in the equipment. ( A ) Cloud platform equipment supports simultaneous storage of 50,000 face photos (less than 400KB ) , 1 million identification records ( 0.45KB ), 20,000 on-site snapshot photos ( b ) LAN equipment Supports simultaneous storage of 20,000 face photos (photos are calculated based on 100KB ) and 10,000 identification records (including live snapshot photos);

人脸库为 3000 时,误识率 万分之三的条件下 1 N 识别准确率为 99.7% · When the face database is 3000 , the misrecognition rate is three ten thousandths, and the 1 : N recognition accuracy rate is 99.7% ;

识别速度快,( a 人脸跟踪与检测耗时 20ms 左右 b 人脸特征提取耗时 200ms 左右 c 人脸比对耗时 0.2ms 1000 人库,多次识别取平均值), 0.5ms 10000 人库,多次识别取平均值) · Fast recognition speed, ( a ) Face tracking and detection takes about 20ms ( b ) Face feature extraction takes about 200ms ( c ) Face comparison takes 0.2ms ( 1000 people database, multiple recognition average) ), 0.5ms ( 10,000 people database, repeated identification and average) ;

支持陌生人检测,陌生人等级可配置; Support stranger detection, configurable stranger level;

支持人脸识别或陌生人检测时的现场照片保存; Support live photo saving during face recognition or stranger detection;

支持 HTTP 方式的 接口对接; Support interface connection in HTTP mode ;

支持公 、局域网使用部署方式; Support the deployment mode of public network and local area network;

支持屏幕显示内容配置; Support screen display content configuration;

支持识别距离配置。 Supports identification distance configuration.

Product Specification Sheet

Face recognition integrated terminal

Product number




英寸, 170 ° IPS 液晶屏 5 inch, 170 ° IPS LCD screen


80 ×854 4 80 × 854



像素 200W pixels

Types of

摄像头 RGB camera



focal length

mm 6 mm

White balance


Wide dynamic

stand by

Vertical wide angle

Horizontal wide angle

Core parameters


核, 1.8 4 cores, 1.8   GHz


2G ,储存 8G Memory 2G , storage 8G



路音频输出( line out 1 audio output ( line out )


接口 1 HDMI2.0 Type-A interface

Serial communication interface

RS232 接口 1 RS232 interface

Reset interface

RESET 小孔 RESET small hole on the back of the device

Network Interface

RJ45 10M/100M 自适应以太网口 1 RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port


Face Detection

5 个人 Supports detection and tracking of 5 people at the same time

N 人脸识别 1 : N face recognition

万分之三的 条件下, 识别准确 99.7% Under the condition that the false recognition rate is three ten thousandths , the recognition accuracy rate is 99.7%

Stranger detection

stand by

Identify distance configuration

stand by

界面配置 UI interface configuration

stand by

Remote device upgrade

stand by

Deployment method

、局域网使用 Support the use of public network and local area network

General parameters

Protection class

,一定的防尘防水功能 IP42 , certain dust and water resistance

power supply

±10% DC12V ( ± 10% )

Operating temperature

60 (可选配恒温器) -10 60 (optional thermostat)

Working humidity

90 % 10% to 90%

Power consumption


Equipment size

φ 114mm (高 * 直径) 536.25 * φ 114mm (height * diameter)


kg ≈5 kg


mm Overall dimensions ( mm )

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