Face-recognition terminal pupil-seeking type I (XJT1501B)

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Specification: 110 * 45 * 265mm (length * thickness * height)
  • Model: XJT1501B Pupil I
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong
  • Packaging instructions: genuine package

Face recognition terminal XJT1501B pupil-seeking type I

人脸识别终端 XJT1501B 觅瞳I型



Face recognition terminals use leading face detection and recognition algorithms and run them on high-performance platforms. The product can realize face detection, face tracking, face recognition, and can present corresponding feedback on the screen to control the gate switch. Face recognition takes about 0.2 seconds and has good adaptability to light. This product has a complete software interface, including: equipment management, personnel management, record viewing and other functions.


System advantages


1. Adopt the leading face recognition algorithm to quickly recognize the face, identify the authenticity of the document, and determine whether it is the person as fast as 0.2 seconds, with an accuracy rate of 99.0%
2. Support 10,000 face database, offline recognition, no need to deploy recognition server
3. The system supports different identification methods; regardless of IC card, ID card, white list, it can be compared.
4, 2 million pixel high-definition camera, large size wide dynamic image sensor, clear backlight and dark light and dark environment clearly identified
5. Innovative use of equipment for self-authorization, solving the problem of registration of a large number of fixed personnel, improving registration efficiency, eliminating impostor and improving security
6. Visitor registration: check the identity of the visitors. After the registration is completed in the background, the visitor can pass through the face terminal with the authority set.
7, surface anodized wire drawing treatment, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, more texture, overall body IP65 waterproof, special heat dissipation structure to ensure long-term operation



System functions


  1. Recognize faces accurately as fast as 0.3 seconds  
  2. 200W HD camera
  3. Recognition accuracy up to 99.7%  
  4. IP65 waterproof and dustproof
  5. Limit recognition distance 4 meters  
  6. Surface oxidation process of high-end aluminum alloy material
  7. Offline face recognition  
  8. Support Wiegand output
  9. Support multi-ethnic identification  
  10. Support 1: N Face Recognition
  11. Ultra-wide dynamic range, clear image of strong light, back light and dark light, accurate identification



Technical Parameters


physical dimension

110 * 45 * 265mm (length * thickness * height) (excluding stand)

Working temperature and humidity

-20 ℃ to 60 ℃, <90 ℃ RH

Protection class


Appearance material

Aluminum alloy

power supply

DC12V 2A


5 inch 170 ° IPS LCD screen


800 * 600


High-performance 32-bit 4-core ARM chip




16 GB

Control module

Built-in I / O access control module

Output Interface

(Standard) 1x DC12V 1x USB2.0 1x switch output 1x RJ45 network port  
(Optional) 1x WG output 1x RS485 signal 1x IO signal


200W pixels Sony Starlight 1 / 2.8

Camera dynamic range

Ultra wide dynamic 120dB

Recognition range


Recognition distance

0.3-4 meters

Recognition time

Less than 300ms

Face library capacity

1: N, N <= 10000




Android 6.0

Fill light mode

Support intelligent fill light, support turn off fill light, support adjust fill light brightness

Advertising playback function

Support advertising function, play picture format: JPG

Number of historical records

Up to 150,000 data (cyclic write)


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