AS-G908 Sliding Advertising Door

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Specifications: Advertising surface 1010 * 1600mm
  • Model: AS-G908
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu
  • Brand: XJT
  • Minimum (large) order: 1
  • Packaging instructions: original packaging

AS-G908 Sliding Advertising Door


product description:

1. The pillar is mainly used to fix the position of the advertising door, making it stable and safe.

2. Door body The door body has two functions. One is to restrict the access of personnel to allow the district to be managed in an orderly manner, and the second is to increase commercial value to create higher efficiency.

3. The advertising door motor provides sufficient power for the advertising door to make it run.

4. The advertising door control motherboard is used to control the operation behavior of the advertising door, and operates under reasonable conditions.

5. The advertising door mechanical drive device and motor are used together to drive the reasonable operation of the advertising door.

6. Light box (light strip, timer, transformer) The advertising door will not light up during the day, mainly for night time. If the light is too dark, the photosensitive device of the advertising door will start automatically. Let the LED light come on. The effect at night is more shocking and brighter.

7. The electromagnetic lock restricts personnel access.

8. The access control card is used in conjunction with the access control management system to better manage the access of community personnel.

9, WeChat picture of credit card column used to fix credit card equipment

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