Smart Advertising Barrier

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Model: AK118
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong
  • Packaging instructions: original packaging




“安全、快捷、高质”管理的新一代的数字媒体道闸。 Advertising barriers are a new generation of digital media barriers that have been carefully designed and produced by our company and are able to adapt to modern "safe, fast, high-quality" management. At present, the media's communication power is closely related to the media's life attributes. The closer to the people, the more they benefit the lives, the easier it is to receive attention. Dazha media is the information bridge we build for car owners, community people and advertisers.

Advertising barriers with high standards, high quality, high integration, stylish appearance, and unique color visual charm also give people a sense of noble elegance, pleasing to the eye, making it more compatible with the ups and downs. The effect is the main choice of supporting places for parking lots, hotels, schools, garden villa communities, enterprises and institutions.

I. Advertising barriers Features:

1. The case is sturdy, durable and waterproof for outdoor use.

2. Simple and elegant appearance, exquisite advertising light box and flip advertising space. The flip is detachable, the screen is easy to change, and the operation is simple.

3. LED 灯带,采用白天关灯,夜间开灯,可调时间段控制,节能省电。 Advertising light boxes and flip advertisements are equipped with LED light strips, which are used to turn off the lights during the day and turn on the lights at night. The adjustable time period control can save energy and power.

4. It integrates light, electricity and mechanical control into one, flexible operation, convenient, safe and reliable use.

5. A variety of control methods are available for users to choose. Both external control and buttons can be used to manually control the rise, fall, windproof, and stop of the barrier, and remote control devices can be selected to remotely control the operation of the barrier.

6. Using multiple protection measures (wind protection, motor thermal protection, anti-surge protection, anti-lightning protection, etc.), the safety and reliability of the barrier operation is greatly improved.

7. In addition to the universal interface, this system adds other protective equipment such as air pressure waves, so that the system has functions such as preventing cars from being hit by people.

8. “有车过后自动落杆”和“落杆有车自动抬杆”等功能,从而可使闸机具有自动关闸和完善的防砸车功能。 Used with optional vehicle detectors, it can have functions such as "automatic drop of rods after a car passes" and "automatic lift of rods when a car is dropped." .

9. It has the function of opening priority, which can effectively improve the efficiency of vehicles passing through the aisle.

10. The system uses a standard electrical interface to the outside, which can be easily connected with other systems selected by the user.

11. All moving parts have been adjusted to a certain state of movement and balance, so the machine has stable performance, stable operation, low noise and long service life.

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