Road gate series-fence gate AK109 two hurdles

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Specifications: XJT-P109
  • Model: P109
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen
  • Brand: Xun Jitong
  • Packing instructions: wooden frame


为停车场系统组成部件中一个重要的组成部分,道闸起到决定性的关键作用,不同的功能道闸对于停车场系统的布局非常重要,现在来看看道闸在整个停车场系统中所发挥的主要作用。 Barriers are an important part of the components of the parking lot system. Barriers play a decisive key role. Different function barriers are very important for the layout of the parking lot system. Now look at the barriers in the entire parking system. The main role played.

Barriers have the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, automatic pole lifting, convenient installation and maintenance, safety and reliability.

The gate is driven by a crank-link mechanism, which reduces mechanical failure, low noise, and no pollution.

At the same time, the barrier adopts a high-sensitivity photoelectric limit control system, which is reliable in operation and accurate in limit. Secondly, the barrier adopts a special power-off manual and automatic lever lifting device. In this way, even in the event of a power failure, the barrier can be manually lifted without affecting the normal traffic of the vehicle. At the same time, the barrier has multiple control methods and supports Control, remote control, communication protocol and other control methods, so parking lot managers can use remote control to raise the barriers directly in the sentry box.

In addition, the barrier is an important point in the parking lot charging system and the barrier-proof function of the barrier. In recent years, the barrier-smashing incident has been common, but it has not been resolved, and the parking lot road provided by Kunshan Xunjitong The brake adopts an integrated and compact structure, with comprehensive application of multiple anti-smashing car technologies, and supports other anti-smashing car interfaces such as infrared radiation and pressure radio waves, ensuring the safety of vehicle traffic.

Different parking lot system management should choose different types and functions of barriers according to their own conditions. Selecting a personalized parking barrier can improve the overall parking lot work efficiency and reduce the probability of errors, and avoid product mismatches. Economic loss, the Xunjitong intelligent system can provide customers with a variety of vehicle barriers to meet the diverse needs of users.

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