Access control introduction

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Basic functions implemented by mature access control management systems: management of access rights

1. Permission to enter and exit the channel: It is set for each channel who can enter and exit and who cannot enter and exit

2. The way to enter and exit the channel: that is, to authorize people who can enter and exit the channel.

3. Access control system: There are three ways to enter and exit: password, card reading (biometric), card reading (biometric) + password.

4. Time period for entering and exiting the channel: It is to set the time frame within which the person who can enter the channel can enter and exit

5. Real-time monitoring function: The system management personnel can check the entrance and exit of personnel in each door area in real time (with photos displayed at the same time) and the status of each door area (including door opening and closing, various abnormal status alarms, etc.) through a computer; It is also possible to open or close all door areas in an emergency.

6. Access record query function: The system can store all the access records, status records, and can be queried according to different query conditions. Equipped with corresponding attendance software can achieve attendance and access control card.

7. Abnormal alarm function: under abnormal conditions, it can realize microcomputer alarm or siren alarm, such as: illegal intrusion, door overtime is not closed, etc.


特殊功能 Special functions of access control system

Depending on the system, the access control system can also implement the following special functions:

Anti-passback function: the cardholder must enter and exit in accordance with the preset route, otherwise the next channel credit card is invalid. This function is to prevent cardholders from following in.

功能:就是持卡人必须关上刚进入的门才能打开下一个门。 Anti-tailing function: the cardholder must close the door just entered to open the next door. This function is the same as the function implemented by anti-passback, but in a different way.

Fire alarm monitoring linkage function: When a fire alarm occurs, the access control system can automatically open all electronic locks to let the people inside escape at any time. Linkage with monitoring usually means that the monitoring system automatically records the current situation when someone swipes the card (valid / invalid), and also records the situation when the access control system alarms.

Network settings management and monitoring functions: Most access control systems can only be managed by a single computer, while advanced systems can set up the entire system from any authorized location on the network. Management monitoring query.

Logic door opening function: Simply put, the same door requires several people to swipe cards (or other methods) at the same time to unlock the electronically controlled door lock.

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