Ankuai P-107 straight pole gate

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Model: D107
  • Origin: Suzhou
  • Brand: Ankuai
  • Minimum (large) order: 1
  • Packaging instructions: original packaging

Ankuai AK-D107 straight pole barrier introduction:


是我司研发的道闸系列产品之一,其在继承一、二代产品的基础上,结合客户的意见反馈,经过精益求精的产品试验而设计开发的一款产品,采用全新减速机和四连杆机构,造型美观、安全稳定;道闸杆设计新颖,采用航空铝材材料,性能可靠;机箱蓝绿光设计,提高通行必要的安全性; Ankuai Intelligent AK-D107 Straight Barrier Barrier is one of the series of barriers developed by our company. It is based on the succession of the first and second generation products, combined with customer feedback, and is designed and developed through continuous product testing. This product uses a new reducer and a four-link mechanism, which is beautiful in appearance, safe and stable; the gate lever is novel in design and uses aviation aluminum materials for reliable performance; the blue-green light design of the chassis improves the necessary safety of traffic;

道闸特点 Features of Ankuai Intelligent AK-D107 Straight Barrier Barrier

1) Ankuai straight pole gates can be replaced with reducers and motors with different speed ratios as required, and the speed conversion of the landing gear is convenient and quick;

2) Barriers can be equipped with straight poles, fences, and curved poles according to the needs, with rich configurations.

3) After the barrier is lifted, the indicator light turns green to indicate that the vehicle can pass. When the barrier is dropped, the indicator light turns red;

4) Prompt to prohibit traffic.

5) The fence barrier adopts reinforced reducer, four-link transmission mechanism, and the landing gear is strong and stable.

6) The internal movement of the barrier adopts a double oil seal structure, and the motor is placed horizontally to prevent oil leakage.

7) Fence barriers can be pressurized to prevent smashing, which is the first in the industry.

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