Ankuai P810 One License Plate Recognition Machine

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Specification: 400 * 1500mm
  • Model: P810
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong
  • Brand: Ankuai
  • Packaging instructions: genuine packaging


: Advantages of Ankuai P810 license plate recognition system :

1. Monthly rental car realizes real offline access, the system is more reliable
  Ankuai License Plate Recognition System is not affected by offline in normal monthly rental. It enters and exits normally, and the user-friendly and friendly prompt on the voice display is saved. After the computer resumes work, it automatically uploads, completely subverting the current situation that the car rental can only be opened in the market last month, there is no entry and exit records and friendly prompts. At the same time, the system of software identification is offline and the system is paralyzed.

2. Embedded integrated design
  The license plate recognition system runs the license plate recognition algorithm based on TI's embedded platform, and realizes the integrated license plate recognition integrated machine application with high performance, low power consumption and strong stability;

3. Video stream recognition and ground sense trigger recognition are optional, and the recognition is more scientific
  It ’s always been debated in the industry whether the Ankuai license plate recognition integrated machine uses video stream recognition or ground sense trigger recognition. Actually, in different environments, two recognition methods have their own advantages. Environment, it is more convenient and scientific to choose video stream or ground sense trigger.

4. Under special circumstances, dual camera recognition can be used to make the recognition more powerful.
  The Ankuai license plate recognition all-in-one machine can use dual cameras to recognize in complex environments such as curves and multiple directions, and a wide aisle. The recognition rate is greatly improved.

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