Ankuai D107 License Plate Recognition Barrier Integrated Machine

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Model: D107
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong
  • Brand: Ankuai
  • Packaging instructions: genuine packaging


  车牌识别道闸一体机 是安快自主研发生产的一款结合车牌识别与道闸挡车器为一体的现代智能停车设备,靓丽的外观与高端的性能优势使其受到广大客户的青睐。 Ankuai parking lot management system, D107 license plate recognition road barrier integrated machine is a modern intelligent parking device combining license plate recognition and gate brake vehicle stopper developed by Ankuai independently. Its beautiful appearance and high-end performance advantages make it subject to Favored by our customers. 采用百万像素高清智能相机,能够实时准确地自动识别出车牌的数字、字母、汉字字符,并直接给出识别结果。 This product adopts a megapixel high-definition smart camera, which can automatically and accurately recognize the numbers, letters, and Chinese characters of license plates in real time, and directly give the recognition results. At the same time, managers can also identify vehicle characteristics, such as vehicle type and color, by taking pictures. The embedded 3D license plate recognition high-definition network camera uses megapixel high-definition recognition technology, which can be used in harsh outdoor environments, which is stable and reliable. 安快车牌识别一体机 还可以识别新能源车牌;一体化嵌入式车牌识别,可脱机工作,结合高性能的视频压缩算法,使图片传输更加流畅。 Not only that, the Ankuai license plate recognition all-in-one machine can also recognize new energy license plates; the integrated embedded license plate recognition can work offline, combined with high-performance video compression algorithms, making picture transmission smoother. The debugging of the license plate recognition high-definition camera can be completed in combination with the debugging software, and the operation is simple and convenient, and the vehicle can be passed without stopping.

车牌识别道闸一体机107 采用的是车牌识别与安快道闸107结合的方式,全新的减速机与四连杆结构,造型美观、安全稳定,客户可根据需要更换不同速比的减速机和电机,起落杆速度转换方便快捷;客户可根据需要配备直杆、栅栏、曲杆,配置丰富; In addition, the license plate recognition road brake integrated machine 107 uses a combination of license plate recognition and Ankuai road brake 107. The new reducer and four-link structure have beautiful appearance, safety and stability. Customers can change the speed reduction of different speed ratios as needed Machine and motor, the speed conversion of landing gear is convenient and fast; customers can be equipped with straight bars, fences, curved bars according to needs, and the configuration is rich;

Product features of license plate recognition barrier:

First integration of offline charging and in-out integration;

Mobile APP recognizes entry and exit;

Application of electronic payment;

Support multiple discounted charging modes;

Perfect unlicensed vehicle handling mechanism;

Algorithm upgrade and support for new energy license plates;

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