Ankuai P820 Intelligent License Plate Recognition Machine

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Model: AK-D820
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong
  • Brand: Ankuai
  • Packaging instructions: genuine packaging


Product Features of Ankuai P820 Intelligent License Plate Recognition Machine:

Ankuai license plate recognition is the first integration of offline charging and entry and exit in the parking lot management system;

手机 APP识别进出场; Ankuai license plate recognition can use mobile APP to identify entry and exit;

电子支付的应用; Ankuai license plate recognition can realize the application of electronic payment;

支持多种收费打折模式; Ankuai license plate recognition supports a variety of discounted fees;

完善的无牌车处理机制; Ankuai license plate recognition has a perfect unlicensed vehicle processing mechanism;

Ankuai license plate recognition algorithm upgrade to support new energy license plates;

车牌识别智能一体机、 Get more license plate recognition smart all-in-one machines, License plate recognition system Resources, please pay attention to the website of Suzhou Xunjitong!

Ankuai-Trustworthy license plate recognition, parking system, barrier system!

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