Second Door Installation of Chemical Enterprises


    Analysis of demand for access control

    With the rapid development of economic level and science and technology, the standard of living of the entire society has been greatly improved, and various factors that jeopardize social stability have also increased. 故案件频发,造成人员和财产的巨大损失,有关部门对此十分重视,多次强调批示加大化工企业的安全管理力度。 At present, accident cases in chemical companies are frequent, causing huge losses of personnel and property. The relevant departments attach great importance to this and have repeatedly stressed instructions to increase the safety management of chemical companies. 工企业存在的安全管理隐患,我公司推出了化工企业二道门管理系统。 According to the spirit of relevant documents, in view of the potential safety management hazards existing in chemical companies, our company has launched a two-door management system for chemical companies.


    二道门禁解决方案 Two or two access control solutions

          Erdaomen is a facility used to isolate production areas and non-production areas such as office and living areas within the scope of a chemical company's plant. 禁系统等形式,对生产区域各岗位在线工作人数动态显示,并对斌业职工、外来作业人员及其他人员分类统计;对进出车辆进行有效的统 计、记录与监管。 Generally through manual or automatic control methods, using lifting rods, retractable doors, access control systems, etc., to dynamically display the number of online workers at each position in the production area, and to classify and calculate the binye employees, foreign workers and other personnel; Carry out effective statistics , recording and supervision.

    训等无关人员或车辆擅自进入生产区域;三是在发生生产安全事故时,能在时间准确掌握涉仕员情况,便于及时有效救援。 Its purpose: First, strictly prohibit fire, explosions, and other non-explosion-proof equipment that are prone to production safety accidents from entering the explosion-proof area; second, strictly control unauthorized personnel or vehicles that are not authorized or trained . Enter the production area; Third, in the event of a production safety accident, it is possible to accurately grasp the situation of personnel involved in time, which is convenient for timely and effective rescue.


    门禁系统的设计原则 Design Principles of Access Control System

       稳定性、可靠性原则 1. Stability and reliability principles

           The stability and reliability of the system is an important strategy to protect user investment and establish a good image of the product brand. 选取、调试、安装等环节上都严格执行国际或行业上相关的标准,系统具有良好的稳定性和可靠性。 The system uses industry-leading channel gates, and strictly implements international or industry standards in system design, equipment selection, commissioning, and installation. The system has good stability and reliability.   达到高度的集成。 With its miniaturization and lightweight design, the hardware makes the system highly integrated. The software design has been widely applied and tested, and has good compatibility, which can meet the requirements of stability and high reliability.

    扩充性原则 2. The principle of expandability

            When designing the system, fully consider the scalability of the function and scale of the system during the design life cycle, laying the foundation for future development and reducing future costs.

    先进性与实用性相结合的原则 3. The principle of combining advancedness and practicality

            The design of the system will use newly developed products and various functions required by the superior user to maintain the advanced nature of the technology and ensure that resources are not wasted.

    经济性原则 4. Economic principles

             On the basis of ensuring the stability and reliability of the system, while considering the advanced nature of the system, the system and equipment are selected as needed to be reasonable, practical and reduce costs. 点,制订了切实的市场策略,满足中国市场高端用户对产品的高性能和低成本要求。 According to the characteristics of the Chinese market , a practical market strategy has been formulated to meet the high-performance and low-cost requirements of high-end users in the Chinese market.

    易管埋性 5. Easily buried

            层次的操作者及有关领导熟练使用操作系统。 It adopts multimedia monitoring, friendly interface, convenient and accurate and provides rich information, helps and prompts the operator to operate, easy to learn and easy to use; the system's operation is simple and fast to ensure that operators of different cultural levels and relevant leaders are skilled in using the operating system.

    易维护性 6. Easy maintenance

            Highly integrated system equipment selection and modular structure, simple and clear user interface, from the premise of independent operation and connection, it is often convenient to maintain the system.


    Features of two access control system   

    Erdaomen is an integrated system that integrates channel management system, monitoring camera, alarm function, etc.   , To meet the safety requirements of production safety.

    1 . Two-way access, automatic direction recognition

       Each channel can enter and exit, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment. When people pass, the system can automatically identify the direction of entry and exit.

    2 . Credit card information uploaded in time

       The system can swipe in and out the personnel information on the construction site, which can be uploaded to the management computer in real time.

    3 Video linkage capture,

      For each person who enters and exits the construction site, a video snapshot is taken and the image data is saved on the computer's hard disk.

    4 . Illegal card alarm function

       For those who do not have a card or an illegal card, the channel will immediately issue a voice alarm when passing through the channel to prompt the security staff to enter.

    5 . Prevent trailing feature

       The system has the function of preventing trailing entry, and can accurately identify each person without a card when a large amount of traffic passes.

    6 . Video real-time monitoring function

      When a person passes, the manager's computer will immediately display the corresponding information: information such as passing personnel data and photos.

    刷卡识别 7. Swipe recognition

       ID 卡和 IC 卡等读写读写设备进行系统集成 Adopt standard electrical interface, which can facilitate system integration of magnetic card, barcode card, ID card and IC card


    Fives,   System structure and composition

        The system consists of access gates, control hosts, surveillance cameras, hard disk recorders, card readers, on-site monitoring computers and other equipment, as well as platform management software.

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