Ankuai P818 all-in-one machine for parking plate license plate recognition system

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Model: P818
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong
  • Brand: Ankuai
  • Packaging instructions: genuine packaging


功能特点: Features of Axun Intelligent Technology Suzhou Office Suzhou Xingjitong Information Engineering Parking Plate License Plate Recognition System :
l 32-bit ARM core processor, fast computing speed

l Supports license plate recognition and two-way ID card reading, card reading plus identification, card reading or identification two-factor authentication

l Have voice display interface, support custom voice

停车场车牌识别系统多线程工作,性能强大 l Ankuai parking lot license plate recognition system works with multiple threads and powerful performance

l Multiple data protection and multi-level lightning protection processing, the system is stable, greatly reducing the damage to components caused by the external environment

Performance advantages of Ankuai P818 all-in-one parking lot license plate recognition system:
1. Top-optimized embedded license plate recognition algorithm: daytime recognition rate ≥99.9, nighttime recognition rate ≥99.7
2. Optimization of video stream recognition: greatly guarantee the accuracy of recognition
3. Excellent automatic imaging control: automatically track light changes, effectively suppress forward and back light; suppress car headlights at night
4. The fill light is controlled based on the image analysis algorithm, which avoids the instability of the traditional light compensation based on the photoresistor.
5, Ankuai Parking plate license plate recognition system Offline operation: front data storage function
产品稳定:优异的硬件架构和稳定的算法 6, Ankuai product stability: excellent hardware architecture and stable algorithms
7. Stable identification in extreme environments, fast identification in 0.3 seconds, adapt to vehicle speed 0-50 km / h

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