CU-K05 credit card, password access control



    Product type: Inductive access controller

    Number of control doors: single door

    + 密码,密码 Door opening method: card, card + password, password

    255 张,多可扩充至 1000 张。 Storage capacity: User card capacity: 255 , can be expanded up to 1000 .

    5-15cm Reading distance: 5-15cm

    Random software: management software

    DC 12V±10% Power supply voltage: DC 12V ± 10%

    -20-60℃ Working temperature: -20-60 ℃

    20%-90% Working humidity: 20% -90%

    -30-80℃ Storage temperature: -30-80 ℃

    5%-95% Storage humidity: 5% -95%

    Other parameters: can be connected to normally open, normally closed various electric locks

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