Pedestrian access door

  • Unit: Taiwan
  • Specifications: 1.32-1.62 meters
  • Model: AK-T332F / T332D / T332
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong
  • Brand: Ankuai
  • Minimum (large) order: 1
  • Packaging instructions: genuine packaging

小区广告门 T332F系列,对产品多处细节进行了完善,而且升级了滚动广告画面,广告效果更好。 The new residential advertising door T332F series has perfected many details of the product, and upgraded the scrolling advertising screen, the advertising effect is better. Not only can it enhance the high-end image of the community entrance, but also provide more options for the release of property information and the placement of media ads.


Features and advantages of Ankuai pedestrian walkway door:

1.According to the way of opening and closing the door, you can choose electric type (motor-driven automatic door opening and closing), manual type (door closer and closing)

2.According to whether there is advertising, you can choose fixed advertising type, single-sided scrolling advertising type, no advertising fence type.

Humanized, intelligent and easy to install

Support IC, ID, fingerprint, password, mobile APP multiple smart door opening methods. Delayed automatic closing. The access control card plug can be externally installed on the card swipe post, which is convenient for electric car owners and bicycle masters to swipe cartoon!

Adopting a telescopic structure, the total width of the electric door can be adjusted freely within the range of 1.62 meters to 1.32 meters, and the overall width of the fence type can be adjusted freely within the range of 1.2 meters to 2.0 meters. The time of survey work will not be too strict on site installation dimensions, and installation is more convenient!


1. It adopts mechanical gear transmission to prevent collision and rebound when blocked;


2. The position of the magnetic lock can be freely changed according to the main direction of the door opening on the scene, and the left and right doors are not restricted;


3. The electric control system adopts digital chip technology, and the door opening and closing speed is adjustable in PWM level 10;


4. Fast walking and slow stop function, the speed is fast during the operation, when the door is about to be opened, the speed will be reduced immediately to ensure the door to open and close smoothly;


6. The door body is made of cold-rolled steel plate and adopts the industry-leading electrostatic spraying process, which can effectively combat the extreme outdoor environment, has strong rust resistance, and has a longer service life;


6. Advertising type, using bright LED light box, which is turned on regularly at night, scrolling display, better advertising effect!


7. Manual type, using door closer to control the direction of closing the door. By adjusting the door closer pressure reducing valve, it can achieve a smooth deceleration closing effect;

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Ankuai-License Plate Recognition, Intelligent Pedestrian Access Door, Intelligent Advertising Barrier, and Access System are Trustworthy!


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